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My intent in the creation of this website is to provide information and resources that will help you find balance in your life. All of us have times we could really use a “mulligan”. We all appreciate when we are given a second chance, and we want to take advantage of them when they are offered.

I would ask you if you have taken the time to give yourself a second chance (or perhaps a thrid, fourth, or maybe hundredth chance) to achieve the goals you want to achieve. While this website is titled “second” chance fitness the truth is that I lost count of how many times I attempted to lose weight and get fit.

At the core of it all, I believe the true difference maker was my mindset. I was no longer looking for a “quick fix”. I was ready to commit to do what was necessary in order to not just “lose weight”, but keep it off and be truly healthy. I benefited greatly from accountability from a friend from college and the support of others on a team that helped me reach my fitness goals and set new ones.

Where are you right now? How are you doing with your efforts in fitness? How is life treating you in general? Need a second chance at this whole fitness thing? At life? I would very much love to hear your story and/or pass along (pay forward, if you will) the ‘umpteenth’ second chance that was given to me. This is a snapshot of my journey so far.

*Update!* I have successfully maintained a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and fun workouts for over two years now! I am now in size 32 pants, and have moved in my shirt size from XXL to medium (sometimes large, depending on the cut). I am weighing in at 186, which puts the total to 90 lbs gone! Drop me a line and let me know what I can do for you! I welcome your comments below, or you can shoot me an

Before & After

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